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I can't find my country on the available options.

Do not hesitate to contact us indicating your city and country of residence to update it in the application.​

In the option to load data, select "Farm Milk Sale".​

How do I add milk sales information?

Select the option to load data, touch cattle purchase and enter the data.
Click save at end.​

How do I register the acquisition of a new animal?

In the main screen, select your farm followed by the reports option.
Below you will find the available reporting options.​

How do I create a new report?

Very easy, whenever you enter the data, give a touch on farm and an update button appears in the window.
Click on the button to save all the information.​

How do I save the information?

In the option to load data select the icon of milk and in the following window enter the number of the animal, its data and click on save.​

How do I enter milking data?​

In enter the web application with your name and user and follow the instructions.​

How do I upload my livestock data from a spreadsheet?

You enter the application with the user and password already assigned, choose the option animals, click the button to create animals and enter the data for the resume of the animal.​

How do I create a new animal?

Easy go to type Control Ganadero and follow the instructions to download.​

How do I download the app for Android?

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